Our strategies are the result of our quantitative systematic approach to research and strategy development. The strategy names are inspired by animal-like characteristics of the underlying investment methods:


Chameleon is a technical, event-driven market timing strategy that is implemented through a quantitative systematic algorithm and operates through a set of proprietary technical patterns that may occur near major market inflection points. The Chameleon strategy uses these technical factors to anticipate major turns in market direction and time entry and exits from long/short positions using broad market ETFs.

Raven is a hedged aggressive growth equity long / short investment strategy implemented by a quantitative systematic algorithm. It consists of a long portfolio with U.S. equities that have growth characteristics and a short portfolio to hedge the long portfolio’s inherent volatility (i.e. high beta).

Timberwolf is a Proprietary Risk Premia strategy that attempts to exploit proprietary alpha factors while producing a portfolio that is neutral with respect to general stock market risk (sometimes referred to as a “beta neutral” strategy). An alpha factor is a set of stock characteristics that the strategy expects will have a significant effect on future excess return. By seeking diversified sources of alpha while hedging various types of market risk, Timberwolf seeks capital appreciation with lower volatility than may be achieved without hedging.

O’Neil Global Advisors leverages the efficiency and power of technology to continually improve and develop bespoke equity trading strategies that are designed to meet the unique mandates of our clients.

Our Methodology

By thinking differently – and not being tied to the mainstream – we take an approach to developing algorithms that leads to the construction of an unexpected type of portfolio: quant-driven investment opportunities that are recognizable to discretionary managers, because they include fundamental as well as technical analysis.


provable theses

Our research is rigorous and, with its specific early-on monitoring of technicals, provides an investing edge through intense data application and analysis.



specific early-on
monitoring of technicals

Our research analysts, collaborating with our data scientists and portfolio managers, use data findings to identify provable theses that can be scaled by the firm’s investment strategies.