Bespoke global equity trading strategies in the pursuit of stable risk adjusted returns.

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Our Key Differentiators

O’Neil Global Advisors is distinguished in these key areas:

Why O'Neil?

Using data science and statistical tools, OGA’s approach to developing algorithms includes fundamental as well as technical analysis.

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For five decades, the O’Neil name and the methodology pioneered by Bill O’Neil has created a longevity and staying power unmatched by other investment advisors

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O’Neil’s established approach to rigorous research, with its monitoring of technicals and the edge it gains through intense data application and analysis, is unique among wealth managers.


OGA’s entrepreneurial culture encourages constant improvement by being fault-tolerant, underscoring a focus on performance, that is, an unrelenting commitment to objectively prove that an idea “has to work.”

The success of the firm is attributable to the talent and selfless collaboration of its team. With many specialists hired from outside the financial industry, OGA benefits from a diversity of thinking and a supportive internal network in which our scientists, analysts, and portfolio managers are driven by their passion for the business.

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Fulfilling the O’Neil legacy, OGA actively pursues continuous learning and works closely with clients to educate them on our research and insights. We embrace the philosophy of learning from history and sharing the means to achieve portfolio profitability.


O’Neil Global Advisors will invest a significant portion of its capital to the strategies and their ongoing development.

Our Strategies

Our strategies are the result of our quantitative systematic approach to research and strategy development. The Raven strategy name is inspired by the animal-like characteristics of the underlying investment method.